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All the jobs wherein shown were done 18 to 28 years ago… As you can see, what it’s done presently, we’ve been doing it for a long time.


With this exposition about our past we want… 


To remember the good old times – and at the same time to silence those who talk a lot and have little knowledge about
what they speak of.


See, from the first stoves without door to the high end stoves that we’ve made…







The heat recovery was only done in the back of the open fireplaces


Already at that time we used exterior air intakes for the combustion and distribution to the rooms
We also used ventilation pumping exterior fresh air

Examples of setups


Since 1990 we started making high efficiency closed stoves. We’ve still made a few hundreds…

To this day, they still all work around the Algarve


At the time there were already many clients that didn’t want the door to be seen…

That led us to manufacture, almost exclusively, stoves with retractable lifting doors. Furthermore, all our stoves were installed with exterior air ventilation, which many criticized at the time. Today, it is known that the air renewal inside the house is essential for our well-being.

Closed door

Opened door to clean the glass

Upper view


Closed door

Door opened laterally to clean the glass

Lifted door


Details with the door lifted



Examples of installments 




Details to realize the quality of the stoves and to understand how its high efficiency was obtained

Stoves designed for heating two big living rooms and three upper bedrooms

Details so one can notice the maximum output

Stove designed to heat a big living room and two distant upper rooms



Tubes for air passage to reinforce the heat recovery. (Only today are some brands designing the way we used to more than 17 years ago.)


Stove with a retractable lifting door (80 cm width) and a fixed lateral glass

Stove designed to heat a middle-sized living room and three upper rooms and one on the 3rd floor



Superior stove for a central fireplace with six fixed glasses and two discreet glass doors

Stove designed to heat a large living room

This stove has got exterior air ventilation 400 m3/h and it’s completely out of view




Stove with a retracting door with 90 cm width

Stove designed to heat a large room and three room



Stoves with retracting doors with 90 cm width

Stove designed to heat a living room and two upper rooms


Double sided stove manufactured at a time when such thing didn’t exist in Portugal

It heats a living room, a kitchen and an upper room.


Stoves with a door opening system created by us, where any of the doors can retract upwards independently of the others.

Unique stoves at the time (15 years ago)

Installed with a modern décor that only now is fashionable


As you can see in the pictures, the doors open fully and independently

When all doors are open, you can’t see the stove at all, looking like a traditional fireplace.

That’s right!

Sometimes an image is worth more than a thousand words.

We are still recovering some of our old pictures which we’ll soon post

For our current manufactures, see here  

The products displayed aren’t made any longer

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